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A volunteer is someone who gives some of his/her time to the cause, expecting nothing in return. No money, no professional skills, no special recognition. The activities of a volunteer are, like the term suggests, based on the will of the subject who accepts to provide a service for the sake of its utility to the cause or organization.

Duration of work – Minimum 5 working days of involvement is necessary to be considered a volunteer at Tamas Society Certificate will be issued upon request. Kindly request for the certificate within two months from the last date of engagement.

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Volunteer Registration Form

Any person engaged in any activity at Tamas Society for a duration of less than 5 working days shall be considered a visitor.

Visitors are not provided with any certificate

Guidelines for foreign and local volunteers and visitors in TAMAS SOCIETY

  • Volunteers/ visitors are requested to arrive at Tamas Society, Rashbehari every Friday for their  induction at 3.00PM.
  • Volunteers are requested to behave professionally with the children in TS at all times.
  • Volunteers are requested not to visit individual project sites of the children without taking the permission from the authority, TS. If any volunteer wants to meet the parents of any children, the meeting should be held within the premises of TS.
  • Volunteers are requested to discuss directly with the authority primarily, incase they observe anything objectionable.
  • Volunteers should not be biased towards any children of TS. Children may discuss their views with the volunteers.
  • Volunteers should listener but should not come to any conclusion immediately. They are requested to discuss the same with the authority if necessary.
  • Volunteers are requested not to let any children handle their personal objects like mobile phones, tab or any other gazettes.
  • Volunteers should not involve any children associated and any person belonging to the community in any kind of activities/events outside TS
  • The children in TS are from challenged background so try to be emphatic towards them without being sympathetic.
  • Your respect is our respect. We encourage our volunteers to maintain the same.

Any violation of the above mentioned rules will be taken as serious offence and action will be taken accordingly.