Mission Education [Let us take an oath to eradicate child labour from system]

Tamas Society’s educational initiatives include Pre-school [3-6 yrs], Non Formal Education [6-14 yrs non-school going], Remedial Education [6-14 yrs school going] and Bridge Course [14-18 yrs drop-outs].

TS works for education for needy children who are under difficult circumstances, such as child labour, children of poorest of the parents, children inflicted and affected with HIV/AIDS, street and runaway children, children with rare disabilities, disaster struck children and slum children. Special emphasis is given on girl education and women education, so that they and their families get empowered.

Children are the future of a nation. For an emerging and developing country like India, child education holds the key to the progress of the nation itself.


17 million children in India are working as child labour, spending day and night in dark rooms, houses, shops, or on open streets, struggling to earn two square meals a day.

Education alone can free these kids from the bonds of child labour and give them a chance to fulfil their dreams. Education is both, the means as well as the end, to a better life – the means because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one's awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behaviour to understanding one's rights – and in the process help him/her evolve as a better citizen.

The annual education and healthcare cost for a child is Rs. 6000. This includes the teaching learning material, two sets of uniform, nutrition, regular health check-ups and referrals. But many other qualitative aspects like access to libraries and computer education, training of the teachers to make the learning process effective, exposure visits to educational and recreational spaces and participation in co-curricular activities are also covered under this cost.

Let us help them stay jobless!