Our Mission, Vission & Goal of the Organization

Vision : To educate and support the under priviledged people including excluded, marginalized,   un-reached rural & tribal poor, destitute women and children the people affected by disaster, for their sustainable livelihood & socio-economic development through SHG/Mirco-credit, Skill & Vocational training, education, health intervention etc. having the cooperation of different agencies. The target beneficiaries of the organization are to work with 22,000 population in 03 districts.

Mission : The Organiztion is determinded to create a healthy socio-economic environment for the community reconstruction involving people for their own advancement. The people belonging to disadvantages & poor economic status, minority community and other excluded & vulnerable people will be getting opportunity for their growth and development in the changing scenario of modern technological advancement both in rural and urban area.

Goal : TS envisions a proletarian society free from hunger, inequality, gender bias, injustices so that people can lead a dignified life free from exploitation, ensuring freedom of expression.